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Flex Accounts


The Flexible Spending Account Administration Solution

Quick Start to Administer a Cafeteria Benefit Plan 

If you have not yet done so, the first step is download and install Fast-Flex Plus. (Don't worry, it's free for a full 90-day evaluation!)

Next, please refer to the User's Manual, which is part of the Fast-Flex Plus download file. Once Fast-Flex Plus is on your computer system, the on-line, printable manual will be found at either: C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\MANUAL.PDF or C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4\MANUAL.PDF for Windows 7 and later, unless you installed to a network file server. (If you did a network installation, look for MANUAL.PDF in the folder where you chose to install Fast-Flex Plus.) . 

The manual file is in Adobe's Acrobat Reader format, so you will need to double-click it with Windows Explorer to load it into the Adobe Acrobat Reader. From there you can view and print it. If the manual file is not immediately viewble when you double-click on it, then you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Click on this link for a
free Acrobat Reader download!

The Operator's Manual is set up to explain the Main Menu, but that also generally follows the sequence (left to right, top to bottom) that you should operate the software.

The suggested operating sequence is outlined on page 7 of the manual. Please review it now and again after you've read the entire manual. Here is a brief 10-step summary:

1) Start FAST-FLEX PLUS and select the sample Herculean Tire "sample" company (p.27 )

2) Add your own company (p. 36 )

3) Select your company (p. 27 )

4) Set up your company's fiscal year dates, etc. (p. 29 )

5) Add your employees and their scheduled paycheck withholdings (p. 43 )

6) Add unscheduled transactions such as reimbursement requests (p. 56 )

7) Add scheduled withholdings - on a scheduled pay day only! (p. 72 )

8) Print reports to verify data, etc. (p. 86 )

9) Print expense reimbursement checks (p. 98 )

10) Once you've accomplished the first-time cycle, above, you normally just enter reimbursement requests as they come in (p. 56 ), then, on each actual pay day going forward, you will update paycheck withholdings (p. 72 ), then as the final step, print reimbursement checks (p. 98 ).

To enter your own company data, so that you can start administering your own company's cafeteria plan immediately, even in the middle of a fiscal year, please go to this link:

This gets you jump-started! While there will be a learning curve with this or any other new software, it's not a big one according to hundreds of our customers - most of whom wouldn't classify themselves as computer experts.