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Flex Accounts
Flex Accounts


The Flexible Spending Account Administration Solution

FREE FSA Administration Software!

Download our Fast-Flex Plus software for flexible spending account (FSA), HRA, HSA, or 401K administration:

Note:  Net Worth Map® runs on any version of the Windows® Operating System. Click here for ways to run Net Worth Map® on your Mac.



Click here to download the fully functioning, top-of-the-line version of our Fast-Flex Plus software for a free, no-obligation 90-day trial.  If you find it useful, then enter our permanent access code (9604961) when requested by Fast-Flex Plus and the software will work forever with no purchase or subscription cost of any kind to you!


The functionality of our Fast-Flex Plus Pre-tax benefit plan administration software that you download here has not been limited in any way. There are no limits on the number of companies that you can administer, and no limit on the number of employees in any participating company. Within minutes you can be entering data for your own company, or client companies, and substantially reducing company payroll and employee income taxes!