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Previewing Reimbursement Checks

(Applies to DOS Versions of Fast-Flex Plus Only)

Q: Once I've entered requests for reimbursement, how can I check them over before sending them to the printer?

A: A couple of suggestions:

Prior to printing the checks, go to the Report Generator Menu /Transaction Reports /Option #4 to review your withholdings and requests for each pay period. You can also use this report to review PAST payments. Alternatively, look at "Check Register" under "Reimbursement Checks" on the Report Generator Menu to review PAST payments.

To Preview reimbursement checks:

Go to Report Generator Menu/Reimbursement Checks/Print checks, but when the program asks if you want to print reimbursement checks, answer NO. Then go back to Report Generator Menu/Transaction Reports -Option #4 to review your "Payments" for the period.

Alternatively, you can print checks to plain paper to review them before printing on check stock. The act of reprinting checks does not create any new transactions - you can do it as many times as you need to. However, the program will warn you that you have already printed checks for part or all of the time interval as specified by the date fields "Print checks beginning" and "Print checks ending" on the Check Printing Input Screen. Note that this is just a warning. You will be allowed to reprint the checks without messing up your transactions file.