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Re-printing Reimbursement Checks

Q: Once I've printed reimbursement checks, can I re-print them again if I discover errors or the printer jams without creating duplicate reimbursement transactions?

A: Yes! It's actually very easy to re-print checks, and you don't need to void transactions, change check numbers, etc. In fact, you can print checks as many times as you want to, and no additional transactions (withdrawals) will be created! The program WILL warn you that checks have already been printed if you repeat all or part of a prior check-print interval, but it will also let you proceed. (Just be certain that you destroy the erroneous checks before someone cashes them!)

The key to reprinting checks is to enter the proper dates in the "Print checks beginning" and the "Print checks ending" fields on the Check Printing Input Screen. Once checks successfully print, the dates in these fields are automatically advanced to the day following the "Print checks ending" date and today's date, respectively.

By the way, most computers have a built-in storage buffer for printing. This means that the print job usually ends long before all pages spew forth from the printer as far as Fast-Flex Plus is concerned. Fast-Flex Plus will think the check-printing job ended successfully, even though you may have gotten only 5 checks out of your printer before disaster struck. Therefore, Fast-Flex Plus typically advances the dates in the fields mentioned even if the printer jams. Just set the checks back to the interval that you want, and print checks again, if this ever happens.