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Fix Display of Reports in MS Word

Q1. I just updated to newer version of MS Office (Word) and now Fast-Flex Plus does not automatically call up MS Word to display reports. 


Q2. I'd like Fast-Flex Plus to automatically call up MS Word to display reports for viewing and printing. Currently all reports are displayed in WordPad. What can I do to change to Word?


A. First, be certain that you are running version 2018 or higher of Fast-Flex Plus (FFP). You can update your software here for free, if necessary.


In the Folder C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Roaming\FFP there should exist a small file that ends in ".WPX" (probably named FFP_OUT.WPX).   Note:  Your computer's file structure might be slightly different.  If needed, use Windows file search utility to try locating FFP_OUT.WPX.


 Can you find this file with Windows Explorer? 


If "YES" - Delete it and then exit and re-start Fast-Flex Plus.  Please be patient while Fast-Flex Plus searches your word processor for MS Word.  Doing so will re-create this file automatically for you.  (No need to edit it.  You are done!)

If "NO" -
Use Notepad to create a file that contains just one line, similar to the one below (with quotation marks included):

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICEXX\WINWORD.EXE"

Save file as
C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Roaming\FFP \FFP_OUT.WPX for Windows 7 or higher.

Note: Your line of text in this file needs to reflect the OFFICEXX folder where WINWORD.EXE is found or the WINDOWS folder where WORDPAD.EXE is located on your computer. Use Windows file search utility to locate either WINWORD.EXE or WORDPAD.EXE on your C: drive before creating this file


If MS Word (WINWORD.EXE) is not found, Fast-Flex Plus will look for WordPad instead. Once one of these wordprocessing programs is found, Fast-Flex Plus will re-create the ".WPX" file that you deleted.


As a test, select the sample HercYY company and try running any report. The "Participant's Listing" is a good, easy one: (Main Menu/Analysis/Report Generator/Employee Reports/Participants Listing)


The report should appear automatically with appropriate page breaks and formatting. For best results, when your word processor comes up, maximize it, turn word wrap off, and set the font to Courier New, size 10.