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Q.    How do I suppress the printing of participant's social security numbers in the various Fast-Flex reports to protect their privacy?


A.  The social security number (SSN) is an essential part of Fast-Flex Plus because you can search for participants by SSN.  Sometimes the SSN is required to distinguish plan participants with the same name.

But there is a valid concern about protecting privacy.  Some customers have either explicitly requested that the SSN print on the statements.  Others have expressed a concern when it is shown on reports.  It's hard to make everyone happy.  Here's what we recommend:

Fast-Flex Plus always displays its reports as a word processor document that you can edit.  So you can either manually search for the SSN and then edit it out, or if you are using MS Word, use "Replace All"  to change SSNs to "blanks" like ###-##-####.  Use MS Word's wildcard search-and-replace as
shown at this link.   For example, you would search for ???-??-???? and "Replace All" with ###-##-####.