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Q.    How do I receive Fast-Flex Plus support and software updates, or answers to my “flex plan” questions, now and in the future?


A.  What we DO for Product  Support:

Product support for Fast-Flex Plus (our software for pre-tax benefit plan administration) is unlimited and free for as long as you use it!  Updates to the Fast-Flex Plus software are also always free.  We do not charge for any software updates whether they are for bug fixes, tax law changes, newly added features, or version changes.  Likewise, we do not charge any kind of annual product maintenance or support fee, and there are no “per issue” charges for us to answer your questions.  We have a 95 percent track record of solving your problem within 24 hours of you contacting us.  How could customer support be better than that?


We also provide several “instant” self-help avenues to answer your questions:

Our “Frequently Asked Questions” on this website have answers to virtually every question (there aren’t that many) that we have been asked in 20 years of operation.  Before contacting us, please save yourself some time and the cost of a phone call by referring to the F.A.Q. link, above, for answers to questions about both our company and our products.

Answers to specific Fast-Flex Plus operational questions are best  provided by:

  • Reading the Operator’s Manual end-to-end before beginning your flex plan administration.  
  • Pressing the “F1” key within Fast-Flex Plus for context-sensitive help
  • Using the built-in “hover help” by placing the mouse cursor over the Fast-Flex Plus field labels on most form screens
  • Referring to the “Frequently Asked Questions” at this website for updates to the manual and supplemental information specific to Fast-Flex Plus.
  • Contacting us, as outlined in the following section…

Rules for Contacting Us:
In addition to all the Help resources listed above, we offer “Soup Nazi” individual customer support.  Like the delicious soup prepared by the “Soup Nazi” in the famous Seinfeld episode (refer to this link if you have no idea what we are talking about:  ) our individual customer support is excellent, but there are a few rules you must follow to receive it.  If you do not follow the rules, then "No support for you!"  Other companies also have their rules for customer and product support.  They just don’t state them up front and you have to figure them out through trial and error.  We’re different.

Why do we have rules for contacting us? 
  1. To keep costs low so that we can avoid charging you for support.
  2. To provide better overall support for all of our customers.  Step-by-step procedures are easier to follow when read than told.
  3. To be totally “up-front” about our customer support policies
So what is the procedure for contacting us if you need questions answered?

  1. There is really only one rule.  You must always provide your email address in any communication to us.  The best way to do this is to contact us via email.  (See the email link at the bottom of this page.)  We are an internet-based business, so we answer all of your inquiries to us by email.  It is OK to leave us a voice message or question, but you must remember to state your question in detail and leave an email address where we can contact you with an answer.  Without your email address, we will not reply.
What we DON’T do for Product Support 
  1. We do not reply to your inquiry with a telephone call except in certain, pre-arranged (through email) situations where in OUR opinion a phone conversation is required.
  2. We don't respond to a vague phone or email request like: “I have some questions.  Call me back at….”  If you can’t make the effort to state your questions, and tell us what you have already tried to resolve the issue, we can’t afford the time to repeat answers that are most likely already available to you.  (See “What we do for Product Support”, above.)
  3. We do not read the Fast-Flex Plus Operator’s Manual or Help Screens to you over the phone.  If you refuse to read emails, manuals, and help screens, we must also refuse to have you as a customer.  Sorry.  (No soup for you!)
  4. We don’t troubleshoot your computers or network.  (Call Bill Gates or Michael Dell.  Their direct phone numbers are ….)
  5. We don’t train your newly designated Fast-Flex Plus operator person if the old one suddenly quits.  You are responsible for ALL of your backups.
  6. We don’t provide training on Microsoft Word, Excel, or Windows Explorer.  There are just certain things about computer operations that you are expected to know before using Fast-Flex Plus or any of our other products.

In summary, we don’t want our support policy to come across as negative in any way.  Our support policy is effective, reasonable, and FREE.  We do require that you, as a customer, be competent (but not expert) with computers, and industrious enough to utilize our many self-help facilities.  But we will never leave you high and dry without support.  You can always contact us as outlined above and we will always respond quickly (via email).


Again, it is in our total interest to make your experience with Fast-Flex Plus a positive one.  The main reason that we offer a no-cost, no-obligation, 90-day trial of Fast-Flex Plus is that it provides a good test for both of us to decide if we are a compatible team.  We see ourselves as your business partner.  If you aren’t happy during this 90-day free trial, we never get paid.  Our experience is that once Fast-Flex Plus is installed and you make it through the “Paycheck Withholding/Reimbursement Request/Reimbursement Check Printing“ cycle, requests for additional support are rare.  But when the need arises, we will be here to help.