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The Flexible Spending Account Administration Solution


Q.    How do I receive Fast-Flex Plus support and software updates, or answers to my “flex plan” questions, now and in the future?


A.  What we DO for Product  Support:

E-mail and phone product support for Fast-Flex Plus (our software for pre-tax benefit plan administration) is no longer available.  Updates to the Fast-Flex Plus software will no longer be made.  However, we do provide several “instant” self-help avenues to answer your questions:

Our “Frequently Asked Questions” on this website have answers to virtually every question (there aren’t that many) that we have been asked in 20 years of operation.  Before contacting us, please save yourself some time and the cost of a phone call by referring to the F.A.Q. link, above, for answers to questions about both our company and our products.

Answers to specific Fast-Flex Plus operational questions are best  provided by:

  • Reading the Operator’s Manual end-to-end before beginning your flex plan administration.  
  • Pressing the “F1” key within Fast-Flex Plus for context-sensitive help
  • Using the built-in “hover help” by placing the mouse cursor over the Fast-Flex Plus field labels on most form screens
  • Referring to the “Frequently Asked Questions” at this website for updates to the manual and supplemental information specific to Fast-Flex Plus.
Fast-Flex Plus is free for you to download, try, and continue to enjoy if it fits your needs.  We offer a no-cost, no-obligation, 90-day trial of Fast-Flex Plus, in order to provide you with a good test of its reliability and usefulness.  Our experience is that once Fast-Flex Plus is installed and you make it through the “Paycheck Withholding/Reimbursement Request/Reimbursement Check Printing“ cycle, requests for support are rare.  We see no reason that the software will not function well for many years to come.