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Errors during installation of Fast-Flex Plus

Q:  I have downloaded the latest version of Fast-Flex Plus software and installed it successfully to my PC, but then I get an "Error 75 Path/File Access Error" or a message that "..Cannot locate FFPVers.GST" or something similar.  How do I proceed?


A:  We are sorry for the problems that you are encountering with Fast-Flex Plus.  Please try this:

1.   a.  Right-click the Fast-Flex Plus program icon on the “desktop” and choose the Properties option
b.  Click the "Compatibility" tab 
c.  Click "Change settings for all users"
d.  Check the box to "Run this program as an administrator".
e.   Click "Apply" and "OK" twice to accept the changes 
2.     Re-start Fast-Flex Plus 
3.   You should be on your way!


Q: Fast-Flex Plus will not start up or immediately crashes.  I might get the following messages when attempting to run Fast-Flex Plus:


Run-time error '401'.

Cannot automatically locate your word processor!


A:  Using Windows (or File) Explorer, right-click on the C:\Windows\Temp folder and select Properties and then Security.  You need to make certain that you have full read/write "rights" to create new folders and files within the C:\Windows\Temp folder.  If the C:\Windows\Temp folder does not exist, you must use Windows (File) Explorer to create it.  It is a necessary folder for various "scratch files" created by Fast-Flex Plus.  


Now, exit File Explorer and restart Fast-FlexPlus.  You need to be patient while Fast-Flex Plus searches your hard drive for your word processor software.



Q: I STILL get the following messages when attempting to install Fast-Flex Plus:


Run-time error '401'.

Cannot automatically locate your word processor!


Please answer the following questions and take the steps prescribed below:


Do you have Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Office) already installed and working on your C: Drive?  (Note: if you do not have MS Word on your C: drive, Fast-Flex Plus will attempt to find and use WordPad instead.)   It is OK to use a different word processor than WORD, but you must manually tell Fast-Flex Plus what it is.  See next section about creating the .WPX" file with the location of YOUR word processing software.


Are you doing a default ("No questions asked") installation? 

If No
- Please make certain that the folder where you are installing Fast-Flex Plus on your computer or network has sufficient read/write access rights.  Right-click this folder using Windows Explorer and then click Properties and then Security.  Give full read/write access.  After giving full read/write access, re-install the Fast-Flex Plus software.

If Yes
Do you get far enough along with the installation to see a "Flexing Arm" Title screen for Fast-Flex Plus?  (It should appear automatically once the installation completes. When it does appear, you must be patient and wait for it to move on to the company selection screen. While you are waiting for it to move on, it is doing a one-time search for your word processor. When found, it automatically starts Fast-Flex Plus.)


In your Fast-Flex Plus "program folder"  (C:\Program Files\FFPRO4 or C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4, if you used the "No questions asked" installation) there should exist a small file that ends in ".WPX" (probably named FFP_OUT.WPX). Can you find this file with Windows Explorer?

If Yes
- Use Windows (or File) Explorer to delete it.  Now Exit Explorer and restart Fast-Flex Plus.  Please be patient while we search your hard drive for a compatible word processor.


If No - Use Notepad to create a file that contains just one line, similar to the one below (with quotation marks included):

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE"

Save file as
: C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\FFP_OUT.WPX or C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4\FFP_OUT.WPX, depending on your version of Windows

Note: Your line of text in this file might be different depending on the location of WINWORD.EXE or WORDPAD.EXE on your computer. Use Windows file search utility to locate either WINWORD.EXE or WORDPAD.EXE on your C: drive.

5. If all above fails, have you tried installing Fast-Flex Plus on a different computer? Do you get the same results?

Occassionally we have heard about a "STAMIN32.DLL" error or some other mysterious problem. (*.DLLs required by Fast-Flex Plus are installed in the C:\Windows\system32 folder.) Be certain your C:\Windows\System32 folder is not write protected! One easy thing to try is to install Fast-Flex Plus to a different computer to validate that it works. Then try to determine the differences in the two computer systems. Fast-Flex Plus writes its installation files to only the Windows\Temp and Windows\System32 folders and to the C:\Program Files\FFPRO4 or C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4 folder that it creates. Please be certain that your computer is not "locked down" to the point that files cannot be added to these locations.

Please feel free to contact us if this does not solve your installation problems, and we will do our best to help! Please include answers to all of the questions above in your correspondence.