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Flex Accounts
Flex Accounts


The Flexible Spending Account Administration Solution

Client Reviews

Interval Software, Computers Hardware, Software & Services, Kaysville, UT

"...Great program! We administer several plans with different pay periods and many employees. Fast-Flex Plus™ keeps track of it all!" - Lori DeMeta, EMCOR, Inc., Orem, UT

"...I have personally been using your software (Fast-Flex Plus) for four years and have always found your support team to be most helpful. Our accounting department loves the audit trail your software provides. The various summary reports in the software have been a real time saver."
- Judy C. Goodwin, Builder Marts of America, Greenville, SC

"...Our company provides many personnel related services to the East coast. We only have time for the best and most suitable software, and when we run into a problem, we need immediate attention. I would like to extend my gratitude to Interval Software's support team. They have always gone the extra mile for me. I find the software (Fast-Flex Plus) to be very easy to learn and overall one of the best programs I have! I give it two thumbs up!"
- Angie Ciatardini, American Manpower Technologies, Roanoke, VA

"...If there was an Olympic medal for Customer Service - I believe you would be the Gold Medal winner! Wear it proudly!"  -Angela Moody, Southern Benefits Administration, Raleigh, NC

Contacting our Customers

We have many other satisfied customers, and frequently we are asked by potential customers if they can contact them. We have the highest respect for our customer's privacy, and we guard their information like Fort Knox. Still, we want to help and many of our customers are happy to discuss their Flex Plan successes with others. So here's the deal:

Just send us the questions you want to ask, and the type of customer you would like to correspond with, and we will forward your questions to them. They can then choose to respond directly to you (or not). We will try to send your questions out to enough of our customers that some should respond, even though they, like the rest of us, are busy and being surveyed to death, etc. Please include your phone number in case they want to call you.

More about us

Interval software has been in business since 1987 and has marketed Flex plan administration software since the beginning. Fast-Flex Plus started out as a DOS product for a single PC and has evolved to a 32-bit Windows product that can run on a client-server network or stand alone, and has internet capabilities for sharing account balance information with flex plan participants.