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Moving Fast-Flex Plus to a New Computer

Q. I need to move Fast-Flex Plus to a different computer. How do I move the program and my data?

A. If you are installing to a brand new computer or a new hard drive (after a hard drive crash) then first install your Windows operating system AND Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.) and make certain that they are functioning correctly before installing Fast-Flex Plus. It's not only that we don't have the resources of Microsoft to help get your computer going, its that Fast-Flex Plus searches for Word on your hard drive during its installation process, so Word needs to be installed first. Fast-Flex Plus uses Word or Wordpad to display its reports. Once Word is on your hard drive and functioning correctly....

Step one is to install the latest version of Fast-Flex Plus on your new computer. The instructions to do this are at:

Once installed, start Fast-Flex Plus on the new computer and go to "Main Menu/File/Add New Company" to set up the DATA folder(s) that will hold your existing data. No need to add any data just yet. We will get to that.


Next, use Windows Explorer to copy all of the files in your old computer's Fast-Flex Plus DATA directory (or directories - do it one at a time) to a removable memory device (thumb drive, etc.)  Note: If you have network access between computers, you can copy the files over the network.  


If any version of Fast-Flex Plus prior to 2017.B is on your old computer, the DATA directory or directories will probably be found under the Fast-Flex Plus PROGRAM folder - for example in C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\WMart17 where C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4\ is the PROGRAM folder and the "WMart17" part of the path represents the DATA folder name of the company that you are administering and the fiscal year of its data.  Note:  For Windows 7 or later, look for C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4\WMart17, in this example.


If Fast-Flex Plus Version 2017.B is on your old computer, the DATA directory or directories will probably be found under C:\Documents\FFP if it was installed on your "C:" drive or under X:\FFP,  where "X:" can represent any drive letter if Fast-Flex Plus was not installed on your C: drive.  


With the removable memory device containing a copy of your current data from the old computer, use Windows Explorer on your new computer to copy all the files from the removable memory device into the appropriate DATA folder(s) you made, above.  If you are doing the default installation to your C: drive, the NEW data folders you made will be found in C:\Documents\FFP.  For example:  C:\Documents\FFP\HERC17 is the folder with our sample data already in it.  You will have already created and named your data folder(s) under C:\Documnents\FFP on your new computer, but they will be empty until you manually paste the corresponding data from your old computer system into them.


Note:  If, rather than the default "No-questions asked" installation you chose to install Fast-Flex Plus Version 2017.B onto a drive other than C: on your new computer (for example to Drive F:) the new data folder will be created under F:\FFP\.  In this example, our sample data will be found at F:\FFP\HERC17.


IMPORTANT!!  Sixty days after moving Fast-Flex Plus to the new computer, you will be asked by Fast-Flex Plus to enter a new access code.  When asked, enter: 9604961.  It is your new, free permanent access code.