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How do I update my DOS version of Fast-Flex Plus to Windows?

You can actually download and install the Windows version of Fast-Flex Plus for free, right now, to try it first. The Fast-Flex Plus for Windows software uses your same DOS version data and will work without charge for 90 days.

When you upgrade, you have two choices:

Install the Windows version of Fast-Flex Plus (FFP) to your current DOS FFP program directory which is probably C:\FFPRO3. (Note: The FFP Windows installation program suggests this procedure, but it will only work if your data directory is a subdirectory of the FFP program directory. For example, your data directory is C:\FFPRO3\KMART05.)

You can easily switch back and forth between the DOS and Windows software since they will both be using the same data from your existing FFP data folder(s).

If you have modified the Word or WordPerfect macros or documents for printing mailing labels and fancy statements, your modifications will be overwritten with the new Windows versions of these files. So move your modified macros and documents to another folder before upgrading, and then copy them back to C:\FFPRO3 in the unlikely event that you want to use the DOS version of FFP to print your statements. Refer to "Help" or pages 120-123 in the manual for details on how to customize the new Word and WordPerfect files for your situation.

Also, the examples in the Windows version User's Manual generally assume that you have installed Fast-Flex Plus to C:\Program Files\FFPRO4, not C:\FFPRO3. Finally, this procedure will only work for you if the Fast-Flex Plus data directories (folders) where you have entered your transaction and employee data are sub-directories of the directory where the program executible files (Example: HMENU.EXE, TRANS.EXE, etc.) are installed. The Windows version of Fast-Flex Plus requires this whereas the DOS version allowed your data to be separated from the program itself.

. Install to the default Fast-Flex Plus for Windows program directory which is:
C:\Program Files\FFPRO4 (or to a different network folder). If you will be installing to a new computer, this is the option for you!

Fresh installation so there is no fear of overwriting your modified DOS version macro and document files. Directories and examples will match those listed in the Windows version User's Manual and on-line instructions. This is the automatic, default installation for Fast-Flex Plus for Windows, so it is easy!

Will require you to create similarly named company data folders to the ones you are using for the DOS version. Within FFP for Windows, you must first go to Main Menu/File/Add New Company to create your FFP Windows data folders. You must then use Windows Explorer to manually copy your DOS data files into these new data directories. At this point you will have two sets of data, one for DOS and one for Windows. Changes to one will NOT be made to the other, so these data bases will not be "in sync". In essence, you will need to quit using the Fast-Flex Pro for DOS software and use Fast-Flex Plus for Windows exclusively.

Once you've decided on the best installation option for you, here is the URL where you can download the Windows version of the FFP software if you haven't done so already.

How to copy your DOS data into Fast-Flex Plus for Windows

If you selected option 2, please follow these directions to copy your DOS data into the appropriate Fast-Flex Plus for Windows folders:

With Fast-Flex Plus for DOS it was possible to put the data folder anyplace on the hard drive. Normally, your current fiscal year's data was put in C:\FFPRO3\XXXXYY (where XXXX is your abbreviated company name and YY is the fiscal year). However, it was also possible for you to put it in C:\XXXXYY or anyplace else on your hard drive. So we don't know exactly where you keep your Fast-Flex Pro for DOS data. YOU can tell by the data path you designate to start the Fast-Flex Pro application.

By contrast, Fast-Flex Plus for Windows requires that the data be in a subfolder of the program folder. If you followed the installation defaults, this will be C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\XXXXYY. Furthermore, it is required that you use Fast-Flex Plus for Windows to create all data folders. In other words, do not try to create data folders directly by using Windows Explorer.  So, for example, let's assume that your Fast-Flex Pro for DOS data is in C:\FFPRO3\XXXXYY. Start Fast-Flex Plus for Windows, go to Main Menu/File/Add New Company and enter "XXXXYY" (without quotes). This will create a folder named C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\XXXXYY. Exit Fast-Flex Plus and, using Windows Explorer, copy all files in C:\FFPRO3\XXXXYY into C:\Program Files\FFPRO4\XXXXYY. Repeat these steps for all other companies that you administer, if any.

Start up Fast-Flex Plus for Windows and select the desired company data, similarly to the way you've done it with the DOS version, and you'll be on your way!